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This village is excellently situated. It gets 2600 hours of sunshine per year. It has 8 km of sandy beaches and furthermore 6000 ha of forest at its gate (La Coubre).
Arvert is in the middle of the oyster-farming area in the heart of the peninsula. Thanks to this privileged situation you will enjoy attending to many multiple events and activities in the neibourghood of Arvert, for example in La Palmyre, Ronces-les-bains or La Tremblade.
In Arvert the maritime activity is dominating. You will discover there oyster -farming establishments all along the two harbours "Coux" and "La Grève" : they are the "Mecca" of oyster maturing in the region.


Office de tourimse d'Arvert
Place Jacques Lacombe
17530 ARVERT
Phone: 05 46 38 97 78

Activities and cultural heritage

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charente maritime
nouvelle aquitaine
Saint-Etienne church was built in the 11th century and the temple in the 12th century.
The swamps are wet bocage where you can find natural meadows for breeding
On the "Grève à Duret" (on the shore) you can discover little picturesque harbours for oyster-farming which are very nice with their colourful "cabanes" (sort of huts). Through a lot of path ways you will discover flora and wild life
It is easy and pleasant to go for a walk or a ride to visit all these areas. You will enjoy doing a lot of cultural activities and visiting the wine property "les Claires". To discover the oyster-farming don’t forget to ask information at the tourist information center in Arvert.

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Du Petit Pont
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April 1st to october 31th
05 46 36 07 20
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