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The inhabitants are called “Vauxois” and “Vauxoises”. The town is partly situated on a chalky plateau . It is limited in the north by the marsch of Saint-Augustin and in the East by the Marsch of Pontaillac. In the south Vaux opens onto the Estuary. The coast is made of cliffs and “punctuated” with four beaches. The largest is Nauzan.
The holm oaks and pine woods cover a part of the cliffs (Bois des Fées) and the north of the town.
There are a lot of underground galleries under the town. Some of them used to be fisheries for the monks.
A pedestrian path links the four beaches and it is a pleasant walk by the seaside.


Mairie de Vaux sur mer
1 place Maurice Garnier
17640 Vaux sur mer
Phone: 05 46 23 53 00
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vaux sur mer

Activities and cultural heritage

charente maritime
vaux 17
nouvelle aquitaine
Saint-Etienne church is one of the rare remains of an ancient Benedictine abbey church typical of the roman “Saintongeais” style. Its modest appearance is due to important destructions caused by the war.
Situated on the north part of Pontaillac the “Assomption-de-Notre-Dame chapel is characteristic of the neo gothic in vogue in the 19th century. The front is very sober with a big rose the shapes of which are very simple.

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April 26Th to september 20th
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Vaux sur Mer
Val vert
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April 1st to October 31th
camping vaux sur mer
Vaux sur Mer
3 etoiles
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Vaux sur Mer
Nauzan plage
4 etoiles
camping vaux sur mer
April 1st to september 30th
05 46 38 29 13
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