St Sulpice de Royan
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The inhabitants are called les “Saint-Sulpiciens “ and “Saint-Sulpiciennes".


Mairie de St Sulpice
46 route de Rochefort
17200 St Sulpice de Royan
Phone: 05 46 02 86 48
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st sulpice de royan

Activities and cultural heritage

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charente maritime
departement 17
Saint-Sulpice church has only preserved a beautiful church tower in the roman style from the “Saintonge” which surmounts a dome carried by fesces of columns. After many rehabilitations it became the present monument in a composite style. The nave has got a rib vault and an interesting portal with a gothic arch. There is a church window representing Saint-Louis. The nave and the church tower were classified among the historic monuments in 1913.
The protestant temple was built after the first one (in 1818) which became too little. It is octogonal in shape. A series of church windows make the temple look brighter but the front has got only one opening.

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St Sulpice de Royan
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